Among private equity investment firms, our "holistic" approach to value creation distinctly differentiates us. We focus first on identifying major market or systemic dysfunctions, needs or emerging opportunities, and then on originating the solutions and means, investment platforms, transformative growth options, and realization plans. For a variety of value-creative push-pull reasons, our investment initiatives now also always include solutions to 'economic, environmental, social and/or governance' ("EESG") advancement opportunities.

Value creation themes based on such combinations of urgently needed solutions for vast markets and EESG issues, accelerative platforms, and enormous organic growth enable financial and EESG gains that are far better than those achieved by the mere financial engineering–centric themes of other private equity firms.

We invite entrepreneurial / private investors and certain institutional investors to collaboratively co–sponsor and realize our opportunities with us. Our origination rewards will be produced from the value our approach creates.